This page will have all the communities, organizations and centers who are participating in our 2013 Walkabout Tour.  You can see the list of communities on the right column.

You will see some nations that have subgroups menu in the right column.  This represents the names of different communities that are within a Nation.

We also have a category, Indigenous Resources, which lists pages that you can go to learn about languages, grassroot movements and projects for Indigenous peoples in BC/Canada.

We would like to thank all of them for contributing to our learning about Indigenous people in BC for this Walkabout Tour.

Visa Rides Program

The Walkabout program has partnered with more than thirty indigenous communities, bands, schools, programs, and units in BC. The Visa Rides Program encourages you to explore more about our partners. Simply answer three questions about each indigenous community/unit online at any time during the 2013 YTE Walkabout and your team could earn 45 km. Team who completes all the 36 online surveys could earn an extra 500 km as a bonus. The answers can be easily found on the Walkabout website or on our partners’ websites. Correctly answer the questions in the surveys below. There will be approximately three questions for each survey and you can find most answers on the community websites.

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